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Humans have always learnt from Nature and created many things for their comforts. Technology had always served as a double-sided sword. In present scenario, humans are living in most comforts as we can see. Unknowingly or knowingly, humans are focusing mainly on two things, looking good (beauty) and bodily comforts (conveniences). There is always a lot to learn from Nature. It teaches us so much for free!!! Like everything in entire cosmos is so balanced, in so much harmony with each other, contrary to the imbalance in our economic and social setup with so much intellect and technology at our disposal.

ZeroStay concludes the natural course to be the best course, anyone trying to counter it faces problems and disappointments. Our ancestors understood the importance of living in harmony with Nature and acted under intuitive guidance of Nature. At present, things have changed beyond recognition. There is a mad rush. We see people rushing in all directions. Life has become mechanical and man has become machine. We have no time to stand and stare.

At ZeroStay Nest N Trek, travelers will get a break in its true meaning, accommodations with peaceful surroundings, off-the-road, near to village, surrounded by forest, locations that will give travelers a very much required and very much desired break from hustle and bustle of city life, a time to re-charge, an opportunity to realize the clear connection between humans, animals, and forest. The locations which will not have any distractions, so that one will have all the time to spend with Nature and among group with which one has visited that place. The locations at which one can see clearly as to how one is dependent on Agriculture, Forest, Rivers, Mountains and understand the importance of preserving them.

ZeroStay typical itineraries will include spending a day at nearby village interacting with villagers, Jungle trek, trek to top of the nearby Mountains, trek to nearby water springs, bird watching, star gazing, farm work, walk in Fruit orchards, time for Yoga/Meditation, Plantation, trek to nearby Temples, time to relax and just “Not think and not do anything.” Adventure activities will always be an option at all of our locations